All selfie lovers remove these apps as soon as possible from your smar

All selfie lovers remove these apps as soon as possible from your smartphone

February 4, 2019

According to Trend Micro, a security firm, it has identified 29 beautification apps that gain access to user photos without their permission and the users are also vulnerable to phishing attacks when using these apps from their smartphone. The apps used tricky ways to get past Google security checks i.e. Google Play Protect and carry out such malicious activities. After the information being available Google has taken down the apps from its Playstore and it is recommended to remove these apps if installed as soon as possible to avoid any harm.




Some of these apps used to hide themselves from the app drawer making it difficult for the user to remove the app from the smartphone while one of the app use to show full screen ads of fake products.

The list of apps are as follows:

  1. Pro Camera Beauty

  2. Cartoon Art Photo

  3. Emoji Camera

  4. Artistic effect Filter

  5. Art Editor

  6. Beauty Camera

  7. Selfie Camera Pro

  8. Horizon Beauty Camera

  9. Super Camera

  10. Art Effects for Photo

  11. Awesome Cartoon Art

  12. Art Filter Photo

  13. Art Filter Photo Effects

  14. Cartoon Effect 

  15. Art Effects

  16. Photo Editor

  17. Wallpapers HD

  18. Magic Art Filter Photo Editor

  19. Fill Art Photo Editor

  20. ArtFlipPhotoEditing

  21. Art Filter

  22. Cartoon Art Photo Effect

  23. Art Filter Photo Editor

  24. Pixture

  25. Art Effect

  26. Photo Art Effect

  27. Cartoon Photo Filter

The complete article from Trend Micro can be read here.

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